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Upcoming Events

None Scheduled at this time.

Coalition Meetings

Greater Salt Lake Immunization Coalition meets the second Wednesday every month at 2001 South State Street, Suite S3800, Salt Lake City. Call Sally Dawson at 801-662-1621 for more information.

Northern Utah Immunization Coalition meets the first Tuesday every month at the Weber-Morgan County Health Department, 477 23rd Street, Ogden. Call Carol Morrell at 435-752-3730 for more information.

Southwest Utah Immunization Coalition for Children meets the second Tuesday every other month at the Southwest Utah Public Health Department, 620 South 400 East, St. George, 8:00 a.m. Call Susan Peck at 435-865-5149 for more information.

Utah Adult Immunization Coalition meets the fourth Wednesday every month at 8:00 a.m. Call 801-538-9450 for more information.

Utah County Immunization Coalition meets the second Tuesday every month at the Health and Justice Building, Room 2800, 151 South University Avenue, Provo. Call Pauline Hartvigsen at 801-851-7027 for more information.


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