The Utah Department of Health provides licenses and certifications to many agencies and health professionals including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, child care centers, clinical laboratories, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers and paramedics, home health agencies, hospitals, institutions for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill, and other healthcare providers. The following programs within the Utah Department of Health oversee these functions.

Utah Child Care Licensing Program – Information available includes a list of licensed child care centers in Utah, how to file a complaint, compliance history of child care centers, how to apply to be a licensed child care provider, state child care licensing rules, background screenings, training for child care providers, information on monitoring of child care providers, etc.

Clinical Laboratory Certification (CLIA) – This program operates under the authority of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to enforce clinical laboratory regulations (CLIA ’88). The Utah Department of Health has contracted with the federal government to inspect clinical laboratories within the state. All facilities performing any testing on human samples for the purpose of assessing a condition or diagnosing an illness are considered a laboratory and are subject to these regulations.

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness (EMS and Paramedics) – Information available includes licensure status and renewals for emergency medical responders, emergency medical technicians, advanced emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and emergency medical dispatchers; ambulance rates; state laws and administrative rules relating to emergency medicals services; how to file a complaint or compliance issue relating to an entity or person providing emergency medical services in a prehospital setting; EMS agency licensure and designation; EMS and air ambulance equipment and drug lists; certification training courses, etc.

Health Facility Licensing, Certification, and Resident Assessment – This bureau licenses and regularly inspects health care facilities (assisted living centers, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.), performs on-site inspections of Utah health care providers participating in Medicare and Medicaid programs, conducts background screenings on all direct care staff in certain health care industries, investigates complaints from the public about poor care or unsafe conditions in licensed health care facilities, etc.